Extension Cord Extravaganza

This kid just can’t seem to find a place to plug in his computer. Written and Directed by Jack Hackett Starring: Quinton Buxton Featuring: Kim Rogers Haley-Spence Brown Chai Karve Katarina Brandt Rick Cisario Extras: Colin Sheehan Gabe Gadoi Colton Stock Music by Elvis Presley
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Those Awful Disks

Megan just wants to watch A New Hope, but the disk isn’t in it’s case. She’s gotta find it! Written and Directed by Jack Hackett Starring: Megan Hayes G&E: Quinton Buxton and Thomas Marshall
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Steak n’ Spoons

Ben tries to resist the urge to use a knife since he doesn’t have a hazardous shooting form filled out. This is a pretty inside joke to a class I took, so it’s okay if you don’t understand it. But if you do, that rocks! Written and Directed by Jack Hackett Starring: Ben Gail
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Created for the 2014 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project Genre: Silent Film Character: Dr. Oliver/Olivia Sandman Line of Dialogue: “I’m gonna tell you a secret” Prop: A Peach Director: Jack Hackett Producers: James Jackson and Joe Conway Writers: Jacob Schlanger, Jack Hackett, Brendan Rosenberg, and Sean...
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Trouble in the Neighborhood

A caper of the night stole a bunch of the neighborhood kids’ belongings. The neighborhood PI, Frankie DeBello, and his partner Chris must work together to solve the case. Best Picture at the HIES 2014 Film Festival Cast: Frankie DeBello: Ben Rousseau Chris O’Malley: Jacob Schlanger Veronica Rhodes:...
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The Sleepover

James’s aunt drops off his polar opposite, cousin Milton, for a sleepover. “The Throne Room/End Credits” from Star Wars by John Williams Cast: James: John Tregellas Milton: Drew Andersen Aunt Claire: Madeleine Gibson Mom: Wendy Hackett Kate: Molly Harrington Girls in car: Grace Dennard and Sam...
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The neighborhood scammer, Sly, gets what’s coming to him. Directed by Jack Hackett Written by Jack Hackett and Jack Barton Sly: Drew Andersen Scruffy: Jack McGinnis Annie: Emma Yaniger Jo: Khorkie Tyus Boom Operator: John Tregellas 1st AC: Jack Barton Composer: Sean Hackett Editor: Jack Hackett Foley Artists:...
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The Time Machine?

This film was created for the 2012 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. Yeah, it’s bad. I don’t even know why I have it on here. Three young scientists have supposedly created a time machine. When they finally get around to using it, they get sent to a time they don’t think they can get out […]
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Heroman: The Strong Fighter

A boy has always strived to become a superhero. One day he finally gets his chance to prove himself. Directed by Jack Hackett Written by Jack Hackett and Brendan Rosenberg Heroman: Ben Rousseau Girl: Madeleine Gibson Robber: Robert Beeland Cinematographer: Jack Hackett Editor: Jack Hackett Boom Operator: Brendan...
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Les Gouttelettes D’eau

The Water Droplets. This is what gets made when watching paint dry becomes too exciting. The song is “Gymnopédies No. 1” by Erik Satie Below is the “dolly” system for some of the shots.
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