Single Guy with Dog

Single Guy with Dog

Marvel's new superhero is Single Guy with Dog!Starring: Devon Werkheiser, Cameron Gavinski, Haley Spence Brown, Samantha Dammeyer, and Chasen Washington as Nick Fury!

Posted by The Breakdown on Friday, November 4, 2016

Single Guy with Dog is Marvel’s new superhero. He’s here to show society that millennials are able to take care of someone other than themselves. Made for The Breakdown.

Directed by Jack Hackett

Written by Chai Karve, Jack Hackett & Quinton Buxton

Single Guy: Devon Werkheiser

Dog: Roxy

Hipster Friend: Cameron Gavinski

Walking Girl: Haley Spence Brown

Dream Girl: Sam Dammeyer

Nick Fury: Chasen Washington

Millennials on Phones: Chris Tennant, Sarah Lew, and Katie Hood

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