Documentary + Sketch

1994 Northridge Earthquake Relief Fund

These three videos were made for a live comedy event parodying a fundraiser.

Password: NERF


Video 1:
VO: Dan Toomey
News Reporter: Eytan Wallace
Martha Stryker: Tuesday Grant
Buck Welder: Forrest Shaw
Jason Schmidt: Cameron Gavinski
Furniture Upturned Boy: Chris Tennant
Mayor Tim Caprizo: Tommy Caprio
Girl in Blanket: Haley Spence Brown
Smiling Guy in Jacket: Luis Castillo
Smiling Lady with Dog: Nicole Kristal and Lola
Smiling Man: Brian McAloon

Video 2:
Brit Markley: Sam Dammeyer

Video 3:
Sandra Pfeffer: Megan Hayes

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Jack tries really hard to entertain people. Sometimes a little too hard.

He¬†would rather get a laugh than make himself look good. Like for instance, this “about” section.