Impressionable Reporter

Impressionable Reporter

This fresh-faced reporter doesn't realize how hard journalism truly is.Directed by Chaitanya KarveFeaturing: Jack Hackett, Ben Turner Dixon, and Hannah CeselskiCinematographer: Dakota DielSound, I guess: Quinton Buxton

Posted by The Breakdown on Friday, April 28, 2017

This reporter just graduated from journalism school and believes what everyone tells him. What’s right? What’s wrong? He’ll attempt to figure that out.

This was made for The Breakdown.


Sean Winton: Jack Hackett

Barry Jacobson: Ben Turner Dixon

Dr. Zoey Livingston: Hannah Ceselski


Directed by Chai Karve

Written by Jack Hackett and Chai Karve

Cinematographer: Dakota Diel

Sound, I guess: Quinton Buxton

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Jack tries really hard to entertain people. Sometimes a little too hard.

He¬†would rather get a laugh than make himself look good. Like for instance, this “about” section.