Music Video

Radioactive – Cover by Wick Simmons

A Wick Simmons cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. All sounds in this song were recreated with only a cello.


Director/Editor: Jack Hackett
Music by: Wick Simmons
Choreographer/Stylist: Jaspin Newell
Dancers: Matthew Villanueva, Erin McDevitt, and Madi Jean Ballester
Gaffer: Harley Gould
DIT/Boom Operator: Brendan Rosenberg
Assistant Camera: Alex Mitchell
G&E Swing: Ryan Sokolowski
Runner: Sean Hackett

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Jack tries really hard to entertain people. Sometimes a little too hard.

He¬†would rather get a laugh than make himself look good. Like for instance, this “about” section.