The Breakdown

The Breakdown

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I am a Senior Producer for a Weekend Update style show that airs on USC’s TV station, Trojan Vision. The show¬†was created by Rick Cisario and Carter Feuerhelm in 2014, and it is now entering its 5th season.

During each season, the show is performed live every Friday at 11am. The show consists of two parts: one-liners and sketches. The writing staff submits over 200 jokes a week, of which only 30 are used and read aloud by the two anchors, Ben and Haley.

The writers submit sketches to be performed that week, and then on the Thursday, the producers meet and punch up the sketches for Friday, as well as writing the cold opens and closers.

About every week there’s a pre-recorded sketch created by the out-of-studio team.

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