The Sack of Troy

The Sack of Troy

This is USC’s satirical publication for which I’ve been the Editor-in-Chief since April 2015. It was created in 2012 by four students, and since then it has grown into¬†huge comedy outlet for USC students.

During the fall and spring semesters, the publication puts out five articles a week.

As Editor-in-Chief, I oversee 20 contributors, 12 staff writers, and 5 editors, and those numbers are only growing as popularity for the publication increases. I also do most of the featured image Photoshops as well as running the website.

My articles can be read here.

Photoshop examples on the left:

Junior on Study Abroad Returns with Well-Rounded Education, Native Bride

Neil deGrasse Tyson Rides Jetski Off Edge of Earth

Larry of Arabia — Movies On the Slate for 2017

Unidentified Man in Red Uniform Shot Down Over Turkish Airspace

Treasury Makes 3/5ths Compromise, Puts Harriet Tubman on $12 Bill