Tom McGinty Presents Super Bowl LI

McGinty Presents the Super Bowl

The last installment of the Tom McGinty trilogy. The man from the City of Champs. Go Pats. Dan Toomey, Jack Hackett, Chaitanya Karve, Sydney Sanchez, Leila Hoffpauir, Quinton Buxton, Ben Gail, Christine Politte, Joey Rayburn, Cameron Wen, Kyra Brown, Nolan Jones, Sam Kushell, Kim Rogers, Rob Smat.

Posted by The Breakdown on Friday, February 10, 2017

It’s the Super Bowl: Falcon’s v. Patriots. We follow Tom McGinty as he tries to get his vapid LA friends to root for the right team. This was created for The Breakdown.

Directed by Jack Hackett

Written by Jack Hackett and Chai Karve

Produced by Chai Karve

Starring Dan Toomey as Tom McGinty

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Jack tries really hard to entertain people. Sometimes a little too hard.

He would rather get a laugh than make himself look good. Like for instance, this “about” section.